Carbon sobriety

Our motivation, our duty

Changing our environmental impact

Let’s act for the climate Now

We know that international transport of goods is extremely harmful for the environment. Sea shipping on its own accounts for roughly 3% of our greenhouse gas emission, and this does not take in account fine particles or the emissions of land and air shipping.  

We are perfectly aware that we need to advance our activity toward carbon neutrality and this, even in our role of a modest size intermediary. We can’t hide any longer behind the false excuses that only our leaders and the states should act. We can’t believe that only our clients have the responsibility to compensate the carbons emissions of their export and import. 

At Derudder, we’ve decided to incorporate it in our approach. We have to stay humble by the scale of the task ahead and the smallness of our actions, but we also believe that every step matter. 

With the COVID-19 crisis, we clearly saw what direct and tangible impact our blue planet home can have a on our live and work. We can already feel the effect of global warming, what unforeseen impact could this soon have on our life.  

We take our responsibility regarding our environmental impact through several actions: