Working with Derudder: to train, to progress, to flourish

Working with Derudder: to train, to progress, to flourish

An open mind

We encourage our teams to regularly attend trainings related to our field, to continue to improve their knowledge of foreign languages. We dedicate lot of time for this.

Each year students join us for work/study training program or on an internship and we give them real assignments, with an organized structure. We are as lucky to have them as they are lucky to be with us.

We like to recruit people from different backgrounds and ages, we think that the sum of different cultures is a wealth.
Open-mindedness is part of our core values.


We are convinced that happiness at work is one of the engines of our efficiency and productivity.

We believe that by giving teams the possibility of adapting their working hours to their personal constraints and to the schedules of shipments of goods, we improve the quality of services that we offer to our customers.

We keep our teams small with short decision-making circuits. We do not let difficult situations persist and get worse. We promote dialogue and employees are encouraged to show initiative.

The fulfillment of all is also part of our core values.