Carbon Sobriety

Sailing transport

Think Green : dare to use the sails

TOWT sailing boat on dock, Port of Le Havre

Sailing cargo are one of the most recent alternatives to classical international transport.  

Sails are experiencing a revival. 

Many major shipping companies have set their R&D department on adapting sails to big container ship.  But even if this is a praiseworthy endeavour today, we’re interested in smaller-scale initiatives. More numerous every day they are, right now, reusing old rigging ships to carry cargoes. They often do that while designing modern and economically viable sailing ships. 

This type of boat doesn’t claim to be capable of replacing container ship and other modern boats.

But they can become credible alternative for high added value goods, thus saving a few tones a C02 for the planet.  

TOWT sail project

Among this new player we can cite the French TOWT and Neolinethe German TimbercoastG, the Swedish Grayhond Ventures, the British The new dawn traders, The Costa Rican Sailcargo and the Dutch Ecoclipper. All these companies use between 1 and 3 sailing boats. They offer to their customer the possibility to carry their goods while emitting nearly zero greenhouse gases or microparticles. This is possible as the boat is power by wind instated of bunker fuel.  

This solution offers new marketing opportunities to their clients. The real ecological benefice can be showcased while selling the product. This is strengthened by the charm of this type of navigation, that create a story for the customers. On a tag or a clip, a sailing ship is obviously more remarkable than a container ship. 


TOWT is making the most of this advantage with its Anemos label, a label that can put on every product that it transported, proving it has been transported on a green and charming ship.  

Sailing cargo may not be THE solution to the maritime sector pollution problem. But it certainly is A possible solution, that alongside others may let the sector slash its greenhouse gases by 50% in 2050. 

While thinking about it, enjoy yourself and take a look at this video of a TOWT’s sailing ship entering Le Havre in June 2020, image taken by a french TV.