Overseas Logistics

Transport Architecten, bouwers van transportoplossingen

Wij bieden u complete en op maat gemaakte transportoplossingen, inclusief douane-inklaring, over zee, lucht, weg, rivier of spoor.

Wij hebben altijd uw internationale goederenstromen naar vijf continenten georganiseerd.

Verankerd in Le Havre, zijn we actief in alle havens en luchthavens in Frankrijk dankzij de digitalisering van ons universum en nu in het hele Noord-Europese assortiment sinds onze fusie in 2015 met de Belgische groep Remant.

Key Focus

Food & Beverage Logistics

We are the ideal partner for importers and exporters of dry and refrigerated food products, as well as organic, halal or ethnic food products.

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Transportation of industrial equipment

For the steel industry and for steel, a dangerous product whether in solid or in liquid form, we work for important customers in the industrial sector and manage maritime and air transport of heavy equipment for them as well as equipments that are also sometimes oversized.

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Logistics for publishing houses

Derudder has established itself as one of the transport specialists for publishers: collecting from Asia, putting on specific pallets in warehouses in Le Havre, delivery according to specifications, etc ...

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Rolling export (RORO)

We can export all types of vehicles: cars, trucks, cranes, tractors, boats on Mafi.

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Services in port warehouses

Depositing containers in warehouses for imports, loading and calibration for exports, long-term stock management: we offer a whole range of port logistics services.

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Transport door to door

Sea and air transport, road transport: We offer complete and tailor-made transport solutions, both for import and export and for cross-trade.

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