Rich with more than a century of history

Derudder, yesterday, today, tomorrow

It is in 1905 that Emile Derudder, then transit operator at Jokelson, gets the idea of moving closer to his customers. So he moves to Paris and creates an agency in Dunkirk that he entrusts to his brother. The following year he decided to open an agency in Le Havre, and thus begins a family adventure that will be transmitted over 4 generations.

Attached to his territories, integrating the best available technologies, we aim to remain an independent and agile group.


Emile DERUDDER launches a transit activity in Dunkirk


Establishment of E. DERUDDER & Cie


Beginning of the contractual logistics activity


Julien and Christophe DERUDDER take over the reins of DERUDDER SAS


Alliance with REMANT NV Anvers


New headquarters in Le Havre