Rich with more than a century of history

Derudder, yesterday, today, tomorrow

It is in 1905 that Emile Derudder, then transit operator at Jokelson, gets the idea of moving closer to his customers. Thus, shortly after creating an agency in Dunkirk that he entrusts to his brothe, he moved to Paris. Here begins a family adventure that will be transmitted over 4 generations. 14 years later, he will set up an agency in Le Havre that will become our head office in 1987.

Attached to his territories, integrating the best available technologies, we aim to remain an independent and agile group.


Emile DERUDDER launches a transit activity in Dunkirk.

First focused on food importations. At that time land transport was done on horseback!


Establishment of E. DERUDDER & Cie

As French law now requires it, the company files its 1st articles of association and publishes them in the newspaper “NORD MARITIME” on 4-12-29, which has since become “La Voix du Nord”.


E. DERUDDER & Cie becomes a limited company.

Jacques, Emile’s eldest son, returns from the Bordeaux site, settles in Rouen and takes over the presidency while his little brother Claude, living in Paris, becomes the No. 1 salesperson.

The values ​​of the company are then the 3Cs: competence, courtesy, speed!



On November 12, 1970 at 10:45 a.m., all group employees were authorized to take time off to attend the religious ceremonies announced in memory of General de Gaulle.


The site of Le Havre becomes the head office.

Following Paris and since 1954, it was the site of Rouen that housed the headquarters. Jérôme and Philippe DERUDDER, cousins, decided to make this port the main base of their activity.


Julien and Christophe DERUDDER take over the governance following their father, Jérôme.

Not easy to take back such a heritage.


Launch of the very first trucking App ISMO


New head office in Le Havre.

Built in the pre-covid era, BBC building, very bright, with fiber optics surrounded by green spaces, the head office is designed to be a zen cocoon for our employees.


Launch of the Customeo Application

Your customs, online, it’s so simple!


Launch of the MyRudder App

A SaaS platform for our customers to have precise visibility of their shipping flows, simplify their daily life and much more!


Launch of EasySurf, a new application intended for Freight Forwarding teams and to definitively enable telework.

Launch of MyBooks, an application intended for our Book customers to meet their specific inland challenges.