Derudder commits itself

Let's offset our C02 emissions

How can we reduce our carbon footprint?

Today at Derudder we don’t how to work without using any energy. Our pen and computer still contain plastic, even if we only buy made in Europe furniture we have no ways of knowing their carbon footprint, and even if try we haven’t eradicated the use of paper impression in our day-to-day operations.

In short, we know how to reduce our carbon footprint, avoid waste, but we do not offset our carbon footprint.

So the question that naturally came to our mind was: “what can we do in addition to our daily initiatives?”

I chased away my dark thoughts… by planting

After a long reflection, it appeared to us that an effective and senseful way to proceed was to reforest in France, or at least in Europe. 

In any case as close to us as humanly possible.  

Why chose to grow trees? 

For multiple reasons, all as important as the last. To discover more and understand our action further goes here 

And a French government report recommended planting a tree per year per capita during 30 years in order to preserve our forest from the warming to come, so what are we waiting for?  


We still had to choose the right partner

Our headquarters are in Normandy, and our President, Julien, was able to go on the biggest privately owned forest in Le Havre’s vicinity. This forest is currently being expending through a program led by Reforest’action 

The owner of the forest only had good things to say about them.  

Seeing their history and reference, our project seem to be fit for them. Go have a look at their projects 

So, Derudder is the newest company trusting them to plant trees to try to compensate for its carbon footprint (not a small task !) 


In 2022, we already have planted 8 000 trees.
It’s a small step, but still it’s a step.
And we hope this is only the fist step on a long virtuous way which will see Derudder’s commitment for this type of action strengthen from year to year