Personalized service and direct support

gepersonaliseerde en directe diensten

A single operational team

All your operations, sea or air, road transport, barge or river, Incoterm FOB or CIF are entrusted to the same team in which we choose your contact person. The person quickly learns about your requirements and your specificities and forwards them to his team. In case of his/her absence, the team takes over immediately.

It is the same procedure for all your customs clearances whether it is regarding the operations in Le Havre, Fos, Roissy or Antwerp, you interact with the same contact person or the same small team.

As we are committed to keeping qualified jobs locally, all your interlocutors are based in France. And they will remain so.

Tools tailor-made for your

Our IT systems are fully interoperable with yours, we accept your EDI instructions and we can give you the data that you need when you need it.

We are accustomed to adapting our tools and processes to those of our clients. And of course, our teams can be reached directly and they will help you to manage isolated and exceptional situations.