Why planting trees?

Let's offset our C02 emissions

The benefits that forests offer our planet are numerous

The best solution to mop up carbon ?


Trees are a photosynthetic species, this means that they create dioxygen and organic matter through a chemical reaction between three component: water, mineral salt contained in said water and carbon dioxide, co2 (using the solar energy which does not only power our solar plant).   

This reaction consumes CO2 to create dioxygen and the carbon form this transformation is turned into wood (which makes the tree grow). If we believe Ecotree, which offers to become the owner of your own mini forest, a tree can mop up more than 30kg of CO2 each year, and a tree can live for very long.

They mop up more than just CO2!

If the most well-known tree climate benefice is their ability to turn CO2 into oxygen and wood, it is not the only one. Tree leaves can filter out pollutants and microparticle in the air limiting their circulation, thus making the air we breathe cleaner.

This is especially true for hairy leaves such as birch tree leaves.

This is chiefly true we trees are located near housing areas, which has the added bonus of helping lower the temperature of the air during heatstroke in order rayon of up to 300 meters.

Here you can learn more about the tree growing program of a large city such as Lyon!