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Ocean & Carbon Visibility

Forget Excel spreadsheets, manual re-input of data, multiple printed documents and dozen of emails to get realtime information. Get registered into myrudder :

– Get full visibility on every shipment with predictive ETA

– Monitor your haulages with MyTrucks

– Find all the evidences of your transportation events via MyProof

– Handle easily your outstanding invoices via MyInvoice




Online Customs Clearance

Book customs brokerage online in one step and focus on your core tasks : Customeo.fr

Your team’s efficiency is slowed down by the administrative work that needs to be done correctly to avoid costly mistakes.

We have strong experience in food, organic food, textile, furniture, books, electronics, steel industry, batteries, plastic, fireworks.

Register on Customeo and get a tailor-made digital solution to run your operations smoothly.

  • Easy-to-use digital solution
  • Realtime status visibility
  • Single entry point for all your teams
  • Select between more than 150 french customs offices
  • Experienced and licensed customs expert located in France