Food import

FOB management of food containers with customs clearance and phytosanitary control

On behalf of this importer of quality green coffee, we organize the shipment of his orders from more than 30 different ports located in Latin and Central America, as well as in Africa and Asia.

Due to these diverse origins, we have to work with many shipping companies to offer the best services for each trade. We organize sea freight, customs clearance and the final delivery in France.

Our customs service adapts itself to the needs of our client and depending on the urgency either keeps the goods bonded or makes them available for consumption. It also handles the issuing of ORGANIC certificates for imports (COI), if any.

Our own employees are present at the time of checks carried out by the phytosanitary services at the SIVEP centers. Finally, our transit operators issue the phytosanitary entry documents and make arrangements for taking samples for laboratory checks.