Customs brokerage

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Customs Representative

We carry out customs declarations for our customers for imports as well as exports, for all types of goods and via all ports and airports in France.

All our employees are qualified specialists in this field and regularly benefit from continuous training. We also have the most modern software to carry out customs declarations. Our company is and remains well recognized for its customs expertise, and enjoys an excellent reputation with the customs administration.

We can thus determine the customs nomenclature best adapted to your product, and meet the deadlines for customs clearance, thanks largely to our AEO accreditation, that we were one of the first forwarding agents to obtain. This approval allows us to be identified as a reliable player by the customs department.

Our customs expertise

  • Import and export customs declarations: IM4, IM7, T2L, EXA, DOCAC
  • Complete knowledge of all customs procedures: Temporary customs clearance, inward and outward processing, NCTS (T1)
  • Auto clearance of VAT
  • Advance customs declaration: allows your goods to be cleared round-the-clock, 7 days a week
  • Centralized customs clearance DCN: allows your goods to be cleared at all the ports and airports in France

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Key Focus

Sanitary and phytosanitary checks

We are fully aware of the sanitary and phytosanitary rules for imports as well as exports. Our teams and our employees are personally present at the time of checks and issue sanitary and phytosanitary documents themselves.

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Regulatory watch

We have developed a system for monitoring customs regulations, in order to inform you in advance of the latest rules concerning your products.

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Advice and support

We have developed a customs engineering hub. Our specialized team assists you in ensuring that you conform to the customs procedures and whenever necessary it assists you in taking the requisite steps to comply with the same. It also helps you to obtain your customs approvals (AEO, bonded warehouse).

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Outsourcing of services

Derudder offers solutions for the outsourcing of customs services and documentation. We can place employees in situ, that means in your own premises, or simply absorb your peaks of activity, while at the same time ensuring the compliance of your operations.

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Engineering and optimization

We can audit your supply chain and offer customs and tax optimization: better customs classification, potential refunds of customs duties, optimization of customs taxes

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Organic food import

Derudder is the ideal partner for importers of organic food and groceries: dried fruits, seeds and cereals; teas, coffee and cocoa; fruit juices and vegetable drinks; cosmetics.

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E-Conferences of experts

We regularly organize e-conferences or webinars to train or inform our customers on the latest customs rules concerning their products.

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Brexit: expertise and anticipation

The Brexit negotiations are still going on, but one thing is certain: the legislation and customs tariffs governing the flow of goods between Europe and the United Kingdom will be turned upside down.

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Customs Clearance Online

A unique web platform to post and track your custom clearances whatever the place in France. Book in a single step, get the real time status of the brokering, share access to your teammates, find the history of your data.  

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