Expert in logistic niches

Most reputed freight forwarder of the shipping industry in France

Our areas of expertise

With more than 100 years of experience, DERUDDER has become one of the most reputed freight forwarder of the shipping industry in France. We offer high quality transportation and international shipping services for importers and exporters.

Years after years, and thanks to the long-term loyalty of our clients, DERUDDER has become an expert in some logistic niches. Thus, our company has specialized itself, in order to meet our customers high requirements, and because each commodity is specific and needs a particular logistic solution.

Since 100 years, DERUDDER has a strong reputation and know-how for the import of dry and refrigerated food : import of BIO foodstuffs, handing of sanitary and phytosanitary controls, taking sample to DDPP (ex DGCCRF) laboratories, Making sanitary entry documents,etc…

Benefiting from the increasing volume of agri-food exports from France, we have developed a good expertise of Perishable transport: exportation of reefer containers but also reefer LCL groupage for frozen or fresh food

Of course, thanks to our commercial office in Mayotte and our customs authorizations we can offer you our full services on this island which recently became a French department.

More recently, we have opened an Africa department operating mainly in the sub-region and capable of shipping containers and air shipments as well as cars, trucks or agricultural machinery.
Finally, riding on the strong growth of agri-food exports, we have also opened a department dedicated to the export of reefer containers or LCL groupage at controlled temperature.

Are you a pioneer in your market? Rest assured, our adaptability and our expertise in custom matters allow us to support you for your international shipments. We had helped in a similar manner the first pioneers who imported broken rice, grilled and salted seaweed or, more recently, hover board.