Books, calendars, games sets

Logistics for publishing houses

15 years of experience serving publishers

We count among our clients major French publishing houses. Thanks to their loyalty, we have developed our expertise about this particular logistics field for importing their products.

Our operational teams manage the regular shipments of our clients who are publishers by FOB or EXW from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore: by maritime, air or full container groupage. In order to optimize logistics costs, we consolidate full containers with the goods of several small suppliers as soon as possible. We also advise our customers to fill their containers with as many boxes as possible according to the specified dimensions.

On arrival at the port of Le Havre, we carefully unload the boxes in our warehouses and manage the dispatch by destination often involving the grouping of lots from different containers, the palletizing plan, and then the pallet setting according to the specifications of each warehouse for final delivery.

We thus know all the types of pallets required (80 * 100, 80 * 120, 120 * 120 cm, etc …), the maximum heights accepted and filming requirements, the large reception platforms used by publishing houses.

Finally, our customs brokers have a wide experience of the products of the publishing houses and know perfectly well how to classify your products according to the manner in which the customs authorities want them: books, magazines, games, regulations for toys, obligatory EC norms, etc…

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Key Focus

Food & Beverage Logistics

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Transportation of industrial equipment

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Rolling export (RORO)

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Services in port warehouses

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Transport door to door

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Import of Tea, rooibos and Herbal Tea

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Supply Chain of Tyres

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Chemical and hazardous products: trust us!

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