Import of Tea, rooibos and Herbal Tea

20 years of experience on a highly monitored product

Tea, the third drink consumed by the French, has experienced strong growth since the 1980s. 

Derudder, specialist in maritime and air transport, and import customs clearance of food products, offers its expertise and in particular on that of Tea: You are an importer of tea from China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand , etc… ? 

Our operators have extensive experience with this type of goods and check the documents, phytosanitary certificates and COI for organic tea in advance. 

Our expertise is recognized and we have been working for 20 years for big names in the import of tea via French and Belgian ports. 

We manage any phytosanitary controls and in the event of sampling required by customs (HSA), we unload your goods in clean warehouses authorized to receive pallets of “Organic” or non “Organic” dry food products. 

During the sampling, our own salaried clerks attend the sample taking, in the presence of customs and, leave with the bags of samples taken and then forward them to the analysis laboratory. 

Indeed, the HSA increasingly controls the rate of certain pesticides (acetamiprid, triyclazole). 

Our clerks take photos that are anchored in the blockchain so can constitute legal evidence! 

After the control, we store the bags of samples in our strong safe and then we return these samples to you. 

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