Arquitecto del transporte, aportando innovación digital con convicción

Arquitecto del transporte, aportando innovación digital con convicción

Customs experts

We handle all types of goods especially the most delicate ones, ensure customs declarations and sanitary controls, at all the ports and airports of France.

Expert in logistic niches

With more than 100 years of experience, Derudder has become an expert in specific logistics sectors: food & beverages, steel & steel industry, publishing houses, West Africa export, contractual logistics, etc...

Personalized service and direct support

We dedicate a single team for all your maritime and air transport operations, adapt our processes and our computer interfaces to solve your problems. Our medium size allows us to combine responsiveness and reliability.

A digital forwarder

Improve your business productivity and gain a competitive advantage with our unique digital solutions:

  • Myrudder : designed for international freight - Ship & trace
  • Customeo : designed for brokering high requirement

A long-term vision

Our independence is a guarantee of our sustainability; we undertake our projects on a long-term basis: transparency towards customers, customs ethics, CSR approach with our collaborators, etc...

forerunners in our environment

Always a forerunner in the evolution of our sector: labeling of cans in the 1960s, web tracking in 2000, today we are investing heavily in IT to support the digitization of our sector.