Foodcareplus x Derudder

Food and perishables logistics

Benefit from our two expertises through a unique organisation with french teams dealing with french operations and belgium teams monitoring operations in Belgium.


Foodcareplus and Derudder have combined their expertises to offer french exporters and importers unique services to or from France through Belgium.

They are sister companies which make this alliance all the more efficient and reliable.

As a fresh product trader, you can count on the expertise of the foodcareplus reefer specialists and the know-how of our Transport Architect teams. They organise every aspect of the shipment, including customs brokering in the right place.

Foodcareplus excels at the global trade of fresh products. We offer conditioned transports that are tailored to your products. We have made substantial investments to better understand the needs of your foodstuffs. We focus on digital innovation, offering a response to a continually changing market.

The import and export of unique fruit and vegetables hold no secrets for our Transport Architects, whether you are shipping home-grown products or exotic fruit. The logistics and transport of fruit and vegetables require a proactive approach, combined with continuous monitoring of product quality. That is why foodcareplus has specialised in various product groups, which have their own requirements in terms of chilled transport, storage, and delivery.

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Key Focus

Potato & Onion

Whether potato, onion or processed food, our execution experts store and ship fresh produce around the globe. The effects of relative himidity, heat or frost is no secret to them.

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