Contract Logistics

Comprehensive management of the logistics platform

Are you thinking of partly outsourcing your storage sites, which you would want to tightly control but would want to avoid having to manage them yourself ? Are you looking for long-term flexibility in choosing your locations without having to share your storage space with another company ? Then, our logistics contract offer is made for you.

We have developed and sustained our expertise in contract logistics for some big accounts wanting to have a warehouse dedicated to their shipments but willing to outsource management.

In accordance with your internal procedures and your requests for storage or handling of the goods, we ensure maintenance of your stocks and of course the unloading and reloading operations.

We know how to manage men in this particular, often physical environment and value these professions in order to maintain consistency in the quality of our performances.

We have the culture of continuous improvement, we research and share innovations that can lower your operating cost, we plan together the contractual time necessary for the investments to be made.

Whether you want to remain the owner of the premises or rent them directly or indirectly, we ensure complete management; maintenance of anti-fire systems as well the security system and that of the premises and the green spaces.

You are looking for more flexibility for your storage locations, you expect a mix of skills with your own teams, and you keep an eye on the full costs of your logistics, so contact our business unit Derudder Contract Logistics.

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